Snigdha & Neelesh

We met Snigdha at the wedding of Aishwarya and Nidish's in December, 2015. Fast forward 6 months and Snigdha approached us for her wedding in December, 2016. It's always a great feeling for us when you have clients coming back on referrals as it shows how impressed they were with our work even though they are a plethora of options available now-a-days.

Going back to the story of Snigdha & Neelesh, you would be surprised to know that this is an arranged marriage. Surprised, because the chemistry between them is way off the charts! Talk about finding your destined one!

Go through this cute little love story!

Photography by Shanthan Reddy, Krishna Teja, Osho Kondaveeti, and Suri Vasireddy

Shanthan Reddy