Pratik & Tejaswi

As Tejaswi tries to pen down their story, her lips spread from ear to ear as a soft smile creeps onto her face before even a single word is jotted down. The very first time she met him, oh she remembers it as though it were yesterday, even as the rest of the world gets lost in the misty haze of her memory. It started casually, much like these stories do, with a simple "hello" or "hi" and not much else. But then like a snowball that once on course can't be stopped, transformed into a friendship that spanned all the years that followed. From the celebration of receiving the degree, to the woes of wondering what next, to the milestones of the first job earned, they somehow found themselves standing by each other's side, together, as though knotted together by some unseen hand of destiny, the strings of their fate forever entwined. The photographs tell the entire tale, smiles unrelenting shared together in the company of the other, blissfully delighted in the company of the other; promising without speaking any words to always support and stand united as they chase those unseen dreams which were just around the corner. And here she stands, unable to stop the soft beam of joy etched on her face, trusting the guidance of fate as she has always, that what is about to come next is merely another page in "their story", the story of how two wonderful friends were always meant to be.

Here is this beautiful story, everyone. Go through these lovely set of images, and do let us know how you feel!

Photography by Shanthan Reddy, Krishna Teja, & Thariq Hussain

Decor by Alankaran Weddings & Events

Venues - Engagement at Aditya Park, Ameerpet; Sangeeth at Moksh, Secunderabad; Wedding at Daspallah, Hyderabad