Kavya & Eshwar

A wave of time, here in a moment, gone in the next. A journey that starts too late and always seems to end too soon. But I found you; it may have taken a bit but by God, I did find you eventually. And you were everything my dreams tried to put together and more. Those sparkling eyes, that graceful smile, those loving hands, and that aura of warmth and kindness which washes over you in a gush of unending love. Seeing you for the first time was all the proof I ever needed that the best was yet to come. A grand hall for a grand ceremony, and you looked grander still. Dazzling lights and the scent of flowers scattered all around, and you were precious still. A dream that seemed impossible to reach, and here you are making it my reality. It's an instinctive thing now, to see you and to smile; to catch you peeking a glance through the corner of your eyes and become giddy with joy; to watch your lips curl from a ear to the other, and feel a freedom that most men can only ever hope for. I can't quite say what the future holds, not many men can. But what I do now is this, no matter what days lie ahead, the comfort of these beautiful memories that we have created, that we will create, will guide me through the worst and best that life can ever offer. What more is there to say? Smile for the camera now and let me smile beside you, so that the truth of our love is preserved for eternity, untouched by the sting of time, always ready to remind anyone who chooses to search, what real love looks like.

Photography by Shanthan, Teja & Sumenth

Venues: Palladium Conventions, Hyderabad; River Bay Resort, Rajahmundry

Make up by Manju

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