Pratyusha & Ram

What lies behind that iron curtain of tomorrow? The one that gives a tiny, faint glimpse of what may be, but is so hazy that almost everything is often left to our imagination. The unknown is always fun that way, the mystery of what is yet to come.

Yet, while shooting their wedding, we felt a door open – a gateway that offered a small but proper sneak peak of their future together – and it was one filled with a passionate love flamed by the fuel of an unrestrained happiness.

Whether basking in the light that resonated from each other’s eyes or that gentle caress of a hug that screamed devotion, their love was overpowering, almost contagious. And yet, this was to be just one side of the coin, just one perspective of what would unfold.

Oh the sounds of laughter still echo in every frame of every shot that we were lucky enough to capture. The way Pratyusha’s home erupted with playful teasing and merriment when Ram arrived still rings in my ear; the way smiles etched themselves onto the faces of two star-struck lovers, refusing to leave no matter the hours that passed, still plays a wonderful tune in my heart.

In this world, there are but a few souls out there whose meetings are genuinely serendipitous, thoroughly unplanned, and completely left to the whims of fate; and they seize their chance at love with both hands and refuse to let anything come in the way of their perfect fairy-tale.

Pratyusha and Ram are the embodiment of that fate, of that love, and how can we not be just a tad jealous and a tad grateful at seeing someone truly get the love that is often promised but rarely realized.

May our pictures be merely the start of the most wonderful phase of your life, and may the good times never end.

Photography by Shanthan, Krishna, Thariq, & Venkata Rajesh

Cinematography by Arun Baluchamy & Jagadish Bandaru

Editing by Surendra

Make up by Padma

Decor by Ambica Floral Decor

Venues: Daspallah, Hyderabad & Image Gardens, Hyderabad