Anusha & Vamsi

Sometimes it’s destiny, and other times, it’s through almost ridiculous research. As photographers, now, I can truly say that I’ve experienced both sides of this coin. It was humbling, special, and a whole bunch of other pleasant adjectives to hear the couple say that we were hand picked out of an excel sheet containing 34 other potential photographers.

To start on that note, one which thrusts upon us a sense of unmistakable trust, we knew immediately that this was going to be one of those special weddings that remind us why we got into the business in the first place. It’s one thing to be trusted professionally, though something else to connect on a personal level. And for me, I’ve always believed that even in this business, the truest sense of the art comes out when the bond goes beyond a contractual obligation. But for such a bond to even exist, it’s immensely challenging, considering so many things are going on for the couple, they hardly know us, and time is of the essence.

Yet, when it all clicks, we begin to click with an effortless passion that emits not only from our lenses but even in their poses. Smiling becomes second nature, as though meeting an old long lost friend, and would you know it, that’s precisely how it felt with Anusha and Vamsi.

Very few couples, if any, were as lively and energetic as these two. It rubbed off on us. We felt alive in their presence, pumped to do our best, bring out the best within us because it felt like they were bringing their very best to each smile, each pose, each little nuance that our cameras were challenged to capture. Yes, the photo-shoots were a blast. It was fun to take lovely photographs of a fantastic couple and two incredible families who were all about that joy and happiness that is supposed to preside over a marriage; but so was talking to Anusha about music, and shooting the breeze about sport and life with Vamsi.

It was a blast to get to know a loving couple and be able to say, “friend”. It makes the passion so very effortless to realize. And what a loving couple, indeed. After a few sessions, we had convinced ourselves that these were lovers from an old age of childhood memories, but were stunned to find the truth – this was an arranged marriage, and they had known each other for around a year. I suppose some things are just meant to be.

Some things are destiny. In a funny and beautiful way, it was ridiculous research that allowed us to capture a wedding that was meant to be. May these photographs be a testament to true love.

Photography by Shanthan, Krishna Teja, Thariq Hussain & Raju