Rajeevi & Praneeth

Sometimes, you just feel it in the air. It's a spark of an electricity which ignites a certain sense of passion, not only within us but in everything around us. Very rarely have we seen it ooze out in so much quantity as when we were around Rajeevi, the bride to be, whose magnetic personality was a joy to be hold.

She lit up the room with her grin, she brightened the events with her presence, she brought forth a zeal that encouraged happiness wherever she went. Along her side, a perfect partner, a companion that complimented so very well, Praneeth, the groom with the effervescent smiles. How do we talk about all the fun that we had in the times we spent by their side in such short space? I don't know, but I'd like to try.

The craziness of watching fireworks, real fireworks erupt, a motorbike arrive, the dances that screamed love and uncontrollable joy, all etched into our hearts that we were witnessing something special, and as we witnessed it, we knew that it was meant to be captured and preserved in its perfect essence for all to see for the days that remain.

These pictures, we hope, will remind any and all, that love can be fun and crazy, passionate and joyful, and a beacon of light if ever the night seems dark. It was a privilege to be among so many who cared so deeply and we'd like to believe that these photographs will not only stand the test of time, but speak to them about all that we felt when we saw them bask in their powerful love for one and another.

Photography by Shanthan, Teja, & Sumenth

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