We hope this made you laugh. We hope this gives you an idea of who we are; passionate about the work we do, proud of the work we do, but never forgetting to enjoy ourselves and smile all along the way.

Digital Stories was started in 2013 with one primary intention; to making art. All that we do, we consider it a process of making art. We believe it is this mindset that has given us the opportunity of shooting over 75 weddings, various events, along with being hired for all sorts of commercial projects. And of course we also get asked quite frequently by both random strangers and friends, “Which camera should I buy?”… It’s good that we can provide intelligent answers to that question.

At Digital Stories, Shanthan would be “The Nerd” behind the artistic element of the company, while Teja can be seen as “The Driving Force” with his brilliant social and analytical skills. Now, while you won’t see any awards or features on our website, we can assure you that we see them almost every single time we go out onto the field with our cameras and our photobooks; as the compliments from our clients, their unbridled excitement, and the simple smiles on their faces when their eyes fall upon our work are the greatest awards we feel we could ever achieve. We couldn’t really ask for much more.

After saying all this, we feel as though we can only promise you one thing: We are a company that strives for absolute perfection in our art; for it is not just a job to us but a masterpiece that is yearning to be crafted. With passion running through the veins and the eyes, we specialize in filming and photographing any event that can be captured through the fabled lens.

However, filming and photographing events is merely a part of a much larger and more important scheme for us. Our main goal will always be: to be able to capture emotions - the joyous smiles or the heart-warming tears, these are the moments which must live on long after even we are gone.

If you would like to meet us for a cup of coffee, or a bucket of beer, or biryani; just drop us a message on thedigitalstories@gmail.com

We can’t wait to hear from you.